Weekly Notices for 12th – 18th July 2020

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Coronavirus Update – After the recent announcements, the Church is now able to hold a Sunday Eucharist service (at 9.30 am) and a Wednesday Eucharist service (at 10 am). The church will no longer be open for private prayer due to sanitisation procedures. Please use the main church entrance to enter the building.

An order of service has been sent separately by email or is available on the website – please print this and bring it with you and take it home afterwards. This will cover all services in this transitional period, and a separate sheet with hymns for you to follow and the bible readings will also be sent each week. Some copies will be available in church for those unable to print their own. For those who are unable to get to church the service will be streamed live on Facebook (you do not need an account for this). A link will be available to a recording of the service afterwards. As soon as regulations permit, we will be restarting the 8.00 am Sunday and 9.00 am weekday services.

More details about how we can safely worship can be found in an attachment on safely resuming worship here.

For the present these weekly notices will include the “In need of our prayers” as well as the “anniversaries” section from the pew sheet.

Giving to the Church
If you are a member of the stewardship envelope scheme your weekly or monthly envelopes can be left in the plate on the table by the church door.  The plate will be blessed at a distance during the service.

Otherwise the easiest and safest way of donating is to make a credit or debit card donation.  This saves our volunteers having to handle notes and coins that have not been sanitised.  You can make a card donation using the terminal by the pulpit steps.  Simply touch on the amount you wish to give then tap your card on the “Sum-up” machine.  Tim or one of the stewards will be able to help you.

We will accept donations in cash, but please put the cash in a yellow envelope – on the table by the plate.  If you are a taxpayer please fill in the front of the envelope so we can claim Gift Aid.  Please do not put loose cash in the plate.

Electoral Roll – The revision of the electoral roll will now be extended until 28 days before the delayed APCM.  Forms are available from Jean Reeve, the Electoral Roll Officer, or email the church office on allsaintsorpington@gmail.com who will forward on your request to Jean).

Foodbank update.

Food donations can now be taken directly to the main warehouse again at Ex Adventure Kingdom Building between 8am – 11.30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.  Using supermarkets such as Tesco as you shop is always good because they give us money back on the weight collected.

For money donations, using our website “donate now” or “Give Help” section is the best way, we don’t have to pay any charges so get the money directly.  Cheques can be sent to Orpington Baptist Church.  The Just Giving page is great for those who would like to do sponsorship, which is why it was set up, but we do have to pay fees on this.

The foodbank urgently needs:

Ladies’ shampoo, Tinned peas, Tinned carrots, Small tins of potatoes, Packets of mash

There are copious stocks of pasta, beans, soup, UHT milk, rice and tomatoes. Donations of these items are politely discouraged at the present time, although donations will never be turned away.

Thank you for your continued support!

Readings for Sunday 19th July

Romans 8. 12-25 and Matthew 13. 24-30, 36-43.

In Need of our Prayers
(those in bold have been recently added)

All those affected by the Coronavirus, including: those who have lost loved ones to Covid or other illnesses during the lockdown, who may not have been able to say goodbye and are struggling in their grief; for those who have to be isolated for two weeks after their loved one has died.  We pray that they will remember that, during the darkest days, the Lord is with them and, where needed, will carry them.

 We continue to pray for people helping those in need, charity workers and the Foodbank team trying to ensure that provisions are available to vulnerable families, including those in supermarkets and pharmacies, teachers, train and bus drivers, delivery drivers and funeral directors, all hospital staff, working in very stressful circumstances, and those in their care, in ICU. 

We also pray for those who are returning to work and for those now seeking work. 

In the Anglican cycle of prayer, we pray for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
The Most Revd Allan Migi – Archbishop of Papua New Guinea 

In the diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our Companion Diocese, Harare:
The Rt Rev Farai Mutamiri, Bishop.

we also pray for

Cameron Adams, Jean Barbour, Pat Cutter, Jean Fribence, Brenda Gooding, Katie H,  Pauline Hill, Ralph Ingram, Carol Jeffery, Jean Jones, Carol King, Chris Kitchener,
Pam Langley, Jeff Lovell, George and Mary McCormack, Win McHenry,
Kath Misselbrook,  Jenny Scrivener, Theresa Uphill, Ron White, John Williams, Roma Wright, Lauren


Those who have died recently – may they rest in peace and rise in glory

Douglas Haynes

Anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones

Eleanor Pritchard, Marion Court, Christine Dickerson, Frank Cutter, Violet Goddard,
Evelyn Hoare, Isabella Sachs, Leonard Cant, Charles Walton, Ivy Cummings,
Hamilton Greene, Frank & Winifred Sargent, Leslie Weston, David & Lyvia James


A few of us are still using the ‘Our Prayer’ booklets to pray daily for All Saints’. If you would like to join this, please let us know. We can send you the text by email.


This is issue number sixteen of our weekly news from All Saints’.

This week’s message from the Rev’d. George Rogers:

Godparents of the world, unite!

With public worship coming back into the main stream, we may find that before too long, parents will be thinking about having their children Christened. These parents might also be thinking about candidates for Godparents. Are you a Godparent? Have you been asked to be a Godparent? Do you know what a Godparent is?

If you are a Godparent you have assisted at the founding sacrament of the Church which may very well cause even the angels and the celestial hierarchy to rejoice—a soul being born into the kingdom of God through Holy Baptism.

But are your Godchildren attending Sunday club and worshipping in their parish church regularly? If they are not, it is your solemn responsibility to make every effort to see that they do. Here are the Church’s requirements set for Godparents:

  • Godparents will be people who will be in touch with the family of the candidate for baptism for many years to come. They may be relatives or friends of the family.
  • They will be people the family knows they can trust and who will be there for the baptised child to talk about the bigger questions in life; questions about faith, hope and love.
  • They should feel ready to make some big promises about faith for the child in church.
  • Every child should have at least three Godparents, two of the same sex and at least one of the opposite sex. Although there is no official maximum number of Godparents, three or four is usual. If more are desired, the vicar should be consulted about the practicalities and he/she will be pleased to advise.
  • Parents may be Godparents for their own children, providing they have at least one other Godparent.
  • Because of the very special role they have in supporting a child’s faith journey, Godparents must be baptised themselves. Ideally they should be confirmed too, but check with the vicar about local policy on this.
  • If someone who is under 18 is being considered to be a Godparent, they must be mature enough to understand the responsibilities they are taking on; the vicar can help the parents discern if this is the right choice for the child and the young Godparent.

Very stringent PERSPECS!

Unfortunately, we have so sentimentalised this loving and serious duty, that Godparents are sometimes chosen who are not Anglicans (how can they “take heed that this child so soon as sufficiently instructed be brought to the Bishop to be confirmed by him?”), or who live hundreds of miles away, and so cannot effectively function in the way the Prayer Book clearly intends or who are not Christians, who will find it difficult to identify with walking in the way of the cross. This is a readily watering down of the teachings of the “one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church” to which we subscribe and to which we and our Godchildren belong.

Being an interested Godparent is one way in which Godparents can effectively witness to Christ and continue in their own discipleship by encouraging and walking alongside those near and dear who are new to the faith. As good parents celebrate the milestones in their own children’s lives, and diligently and lovingly support them in fulfilling their aspirations, committed Godparents celebrate and demonstrate God’s work amongst his children, encouraging and guiding their Godchildren to walk into the full stature that Christ wills for them.



Please note that the churchyard group will be back as from Thursday 9 July 2020 at 10 a.m.  There is plenty to do, and any help would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone interested in joining us, please meet in the churchyard.   As we are unable to make tea/coffee in church, please bring your own drinks.  Any questions please telephone Dave House on 07956 101189.


On Saturday 18th July we are hoping to continue with our walk for The Children’s Society.

At the present time we are allowed 6 people – Sheila Anderson and myself will be walking and it would be great if another 4 people could join us. Anybody wishing to join us on Saturday 18th July please meet at the Goddington Park car park at 10.15 a.m (the walk will be approximately 10.5 miles).

I have already banked £110 for walks sponsored from March to June.   If anybody would like to do their own walk and send a cheque to TCS – that is fine – I can also wait until we are back at Church when you can sign the official sponsorship form and a cheque/cash can be sent direct from All Saints’ Church.

Thank you for your continued support.

Anne Spencer (01689 601753)

The Michael Project
Following last month’s donation from our coffee money to the Michael Project, we received the following mail from Helen Hobbs:

Thank you so much for thinking of us here in Zimbabwe, and for the generous gift from All Saints’, of £250 to The Michael Project which will definitely enable us to continue to reach out to the most vulnerable children in the community.  It is a very strange time and sadly we are facing continued economic meltdown here which only exacerbates the plight of the children.

Jess and Em are doing O and A levels this year so are very busy with ‘on-line’ school – which certainly brings with it a certain amount of stress, especially as our internet connection is not 100% reliable, but we are hopeful that schools will return to normal soon!! But who knows?!

Thanks again for remembering us and the kids.

God bless and love to everyone at All Saints


The proceeds from coffee donations go towards natural disasters, including Coronavirus.  Perhaps you would like to contribute the cost of the coffee you are drinking at home to our fund, which is now depleted.  You can put your donation in a yellow envelope marked “coffee” in the collection plate at church, or you can give electronically to 60-16-03 14123924 marked “Coffee money”.  A few pence a week from everyone mounts up.


Another Quotation Quiz from John Pentlow

Who said or wrote these?:

  1. “I have never claimed to be a good singer, I have always given my best, and I’ve loved what I’ve done.”
  2. “Come what may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day.”
  3. “Faith mighty faith, The promise sees, And looks to God alone; laughs at impossibilities, and cries it shall be done.”
  4. “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.”
  5. “ We are all born to die – the difference is the intensity with which we choose to live.”
  6. “While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”
  7. “We have argued that it is necessary to understand where we have come from, to guide us where we are going, and to bring us back when we have wandered too far from the path of National destiny.”

The answers are towards the end of this newsletter.

A message from Helen Bates:

“We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sent us cards, presents and even lots of beautiful knitted items for Emma, she has been thoroughly spoiled!

Emma is already 10 weeks old, time is going so quickly. Hopefully as lockdown continues to ease, we will be able to bring her along soon and introduce her to everyone properly!”


This week’s beautiful photographs:

Pictures from Val Pickering


Quite a good clematisval1













Stourhead, Dorset



I just grabbed what I could find before lockdown and am                                                         delighted how they have turned out



Online Julian Group meetingJulian logo

The date of the next session has been postponed by one week and will therefore be on Tuesday 21st July at 2 pm. If you think you might like to try to join us, please email me on vanessa.m.dixon@btinternet.com  and I’ll send you the necessary Zoom invitation.


Young Saints    

Catherine King writes:

Last Sunday Young Saints met again on Zoom as it was considered too soon to return to church safely.  We enjoyed a PowerPoint presentation including a ‘Which is heavier?’ game.

We compared apples and oranges, crisps and chocolate, a football and a tennis ball and even the old favourite, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks!  We then thought about different types of burden including individual concerns and the Gospel message that Jesus is our helper. He said, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” We made some kettle-bell weights with our prayers to remind us of today’s reading and completed some related activities together.



Answers to John’s quotations quiz:

  1. The late Dame Vera Lynn
  2. William Shakespeare – Macbeth
  3. Charles Wesley
  4. Neville Chamberlain
  5. Gina Lollobrigida
  6. Groucho Marx
  7. Michael Nazir Ali – former Bishop of Rochester (2014)


Please keep your contributions coming!

Photos or articles for next week’s newsletter and also for the magazine will be gratefully accepted. Please email them to vanessa.m.dixon@btinternet.com and gillsinclair@outlook.com

Any church member in need of help should please contact John Pentlow on j.pentlow@btinternet.com John will try to co-ordinate help for you.

 New prayer requests should be sent to the church office on allsaintsorpington@gmail.com

How are you doing? Please let us know.

Our very best wishes and prayers to you all for continuing good health

Gill and Vanessa