Weekly Notices

Christian Aid – Lesley Birse is looking for volunteers to deliver and collect Christian Aid envelopes. There is a road to suit all ages! Please call her on 01689 836392 to volunteer or speak to her at the 9.30 am service.

Quiet Day –  Saturday 20 May. This event, at Cudham and Downe Vicarage, has been cancelled due to low take up.

Vicar –  the Vicar is on leave from this Wednesday, 17 May to next Monday, 22 May.  He and Liz will then be in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada from Tuesday 23 to Tuesday 30 May, in order to consolidate the parish’s link with St Paul’s Thunder Bay, to meet the Mayor, and to learn more about the history of the City. Brian says that it is not going to be a holiday albeit a great change of scene!

Thy Kingdom Come, 28 May – The curate will be in church in silent prayer from noon until The Resurrection Service at 5. There will be a spoken prayer every 20 minutes. All are invited to drop in and support the Archbishops’ initiative for any length of time to suit you – from 1 minute to several hours!

Confirmation – Bishop James will be taking a confirmation service at All Saints’ on Sunday 25 June at 6pm.  There will be “Growing in Christian Faith” classes at church on Sundays 14 and 21 May, & 4 and 11 June, at 3pm. The classes will be for confirmation candidates and anyone who would like to learn more about our faith.

Church Mission Society – The Lent collection boxes may be returned for counting, please leave with a Steward or deliver to the Church Office.  Please remember to complete the ‘Gift Aid’ declaration on the base of the box, if appropriate.

 Bromley Food Bank – The current needs are:long life milk and fruit juice, tinned potatoes, tinned tomatoes, coffee, washing up liquid, washing powder, shampoo and all types of men’s toiletries.  Thank you for your continued support.