Young People’s Sunday Activities

Sunday Clubs


Young Saints

For all children and young people

9.30 a.m in the hall

young saint

Join us as we have fun learning about Jesus,
the Bible and Church. We sing, play games,
make things, cook and pray together.


There is a creche for babies and very young children.

Contact:    Catherine King or Val Pickering


youth1Youth Group for Secondary School Children

Join us as we learn and discuss how the Bible is relevant to our everyday lives.

Contact:    Mandy Turner


All groups come into church in time to join the congregation at the altar to receive a communion or blessing and join their parents.

In September the Young Saints were involved with a Creationtide project – details of their work can be seen here.


While the church is closed Young Saints are meeting online. If you would like to join them do contact

young saints collage