Little Bees Nursery

Run in our church hall, Little Bees Pre-School has been for many children the start of a journey with the church community that has taken them through nursery, Sunday School, attending church and helping the church and joining one or more of its many groups.

It is run by Laura O’Brien, who invites children to “Come and have fun at Little Bees Pre-School”.

She describes what Little Bees offers children as follows:

  •  An individually tailored curriculum
  •  The chance to learn through outside play and at focus activities
  •  Individual attention made possible by the high ratio of qualified staff to children
  •  Our storyteller and book club
  •  Fun with crafts, cooking, yoga, music and sports activities

Little Bees pre-school is open from 9.15 to 12.15, Monday to Friday, in term time only, for children over the age of 2 years old.

Laura says: “Please come along for free play and stay sessions. Feel free to contact me or email if you would like any other information. Or visit our website at

You can read the Ofsted page for Little Bees Pre-School here:

Laura’s contact details are:

Telephone: 07710 862 272