The Yomelelani Trust supports a pre-school in Zwelihle, Hermanus, South Africa. Zwelihle is a shack township of about 55,000 people some 60 minutes drive to the east of Cape Town. Originally designed for 5,000 people in 2000, the township has become a centre of poverty. Approximately 42% of the population live below the poverty line. The local municipality recently gave permission for Yomelelani to expand, and in June 2016 the school more than doubled in size and currently caters for about 150 children. About half of the pupils are orphans whose only nutrition is school meals. While operating costs have more than doubled, the Government grant has barely increased and covers only around one third of the overheads. The shortfall must be covered by donations.

More information on Yomelelani can be found here.


ASFC concert

All Saints’ Festival Choir concert with collection for Yomelelani

yomelelani bus

Yomelelani Bus