The Yomelelani Trust supports a pre-school in Zwelihle, Hermanus, South Africa. Zwelihle is a shack township of about 55,000 people some 60 minutes drive to the east of Cape Town. Originally designed for 5,000 people in 2000, the township has become a centre of poverty. Located in the poorest part, the school has tripled over the last few years to a total of 214 children. The challenge has been to ensure further education of the leavers when they become 6 years old. The local Primary schools are swamped so with the aid of UK donations Yomelelani has established two 6 year old classes for 60 children which was recently recognised by the Department of Education as a “ Primary School”. As a consequence all graduating children from these classes automatically move into the local Primary School. Teacher’s wages for this year are paid by the Government.  Regretfully the Government grant has barely increased for the basic 150+ children and covers only around one third of the pre-school overheads. The shortfall must be covered by donations. 

More information on Yomelelani can be found here.

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