Mpwapwa, Tanzania

The Diocese of Mpwapwa in central Tanzania is linked to our Diocese of Rochester.  Several parishes and schools in Rochester Diocese have links with parishes in Mpwapwa.  All Saints’ link is with the parishes of Chitemo and Nyhinila.  The lifestyle is mainly subsistence farming.  The people can be seriously affected when the seasonal rains fail – about once every five years on average.  They have little capacity to build up a financial cushion for these events.

Our initial link was through a small local charity SEEDS4Tanzania established to raise funds and build a pre-school in each of the two villages.  SEEDS completed this task in 2014 and have subsequently provided a borehole in Nyhinila – saving the people, mainly children, a 10 km walk to fetch water from the Chitemo borehole.  SEEDS provided funds to train teachers for the preschools.  SEEDS has handed over its projects to the local people to continue to manage.

All Saints monitors events in the villages with interest, and when needs arise, we hope to be able to meet some of them with financial contributions.  We are pleased to see that the villagers have been able to continue managing the pre-schools.  We have organised trips of church members to Mpwapwa in the past and hope to do so in future if there is sufficient interest.

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You can read a report by an explorer scout of the Scouts expedition to Tanzania in Jul 2014 Summer Newsletter 2014 Final.