At All Saints’, being good stewards requires us to decide what we will do with all that God has entrusted to us. Some of the needs of the church can be met with gifts of money, but there are many that require regular giving of time and skills to support the work of the church.  Giving of time and talents is part of Christian Stewardship – we are encouraged to make best use of all we have been given.

Volunteers are always welcome at All Saints – there are many different opportunities so you can be sure that whatever your talent we can make good use of it.  Some jobs require a regular weekly or monthly commitment, but there are others which only require a couple of hours unskilled work on odd occasions.  There is something for everyone to do.  Do please contact the Vicar or Churchwardens if you would like to offer to help.

The Churchyard group and the St Michael’s Guild (church flower arrangers) have separate pages in this section of the website.

Other areas where voluntary help is needed are:

  • serving at the altar for communion services
  • operating the equipment to stream our services on Facebook
  • cleaning the church brass and silver
  • washing and maintaining the altar linen
  • occasional “spring cleaning” days
  • ordering supplies of communion wine and wafers
  • Sidespeople and Welcomers – welcoming people to our services, distributing books, taking the collection

Please think how you can help us.