Book of Remembrance

“A book of Remembrance was written for those
That thought upon their name ….”
Malachi Chapter 3 verse 16

All Saints’ Parish Church has a Book of Remembrance to satisfy the need for an inexpensive yet lasting form of memorial.

The Book is in two volumes, one for each half-year, bound in Cape Levant Morocco with calf vellum centre panels and richly tooled in gold, with leaves of hand-made paper and lettering executed by calligraphers, making a permanent artistic record comparable with the best illustrated manuscripts of medieval times.

A page is provided for each day of the year, and the book, in a protective case, will remain open every day at the appropriate page so that entries may be seen on each anniversary of the date of death.  Entries may, however, be seen at other times by arrangement with the Parish Office.

We shall be glad to supply further information regarding special inscriptions incorporating a floral emblem (any well-known flower or variety can be incorporated).  Please enquire with the Church Office re. relevant fees and the form for sending particulars of entry required.