Letter From The Clergy

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September 2017

Dear Friends

As you may remember reading in our August magazine letter from Cathy the ministry team are writing the magazine letter during the interregnum. When any vicar leaves a parish there will naturally be a big hole left in the life of the church and along with this comes anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty about what the future holds – for the congregation and ministry team alike!

September marks the second of our All Age Eucharist services and the theme for this is appropriately ‘New beginnings’. Appropriate because September is a time of transition as children return to school and go into new classes, infants go up to junior school, junior’s make the transition to secondary school and young adults take the huge step of leaving home and taking up their place at university. None of these transitions are easy and all are accompanied by a certain amount of angst and trepidation.

At All Saints’ we are a church in transition as we prepare for our own ‘New beginning’. There will be change, there will be ‘newness’, and yes, there will be anxiety, angst and uncertainty as we are catapulted out of our comfort zone for a while as we prepare for our new vicar to take up post.

If you read through the adverts in the Church Times it will become very evident that we are not the only parish going through this transition! But the Church is one that is forever evolving and changing, it is growing and developing – whether we like it or not! This is nothing new! From its very beginnings the Christian Church has had to face the angst, anxiety and uncertainty of change – Jesus called the first disciples out of their comfort zones to follow Him, the disciples were commissioned to continue Christ’s work when he was taken away from them at the crucifixion and you only have to read the Gospel accounts to realise how much apprehension and anxiety surrounded these new beginnings!

But this is the point of the Gospel message – God sent his only Son to bring about a new order, a new way of doing and understanding things, a new commandment for a new people. Through our baptism we are admitted to that new life in Christ – it isn’t always going to plain sailing – Christ never promised it would be!

Whatever ‘New beginning’ we are personally faced with always remember we’re not facing it alone!

Every Blessing