Another happy baptism at All Saints’ Orpington!

Another happy baptism at All Saints’ Orpington!

Baptism is a rite or ceremony which admits a person to the Christian church. People sometimes call it “Christening” because when babies are baptised they are given a name as part of the ceremony.

It is an ancient tradition for babies and young children to be brought to baptism. They cannot commit themselves to live as Christians. So at their baptism, parents, guardians and godparents commit themselves to bring up a young person in the Christian faith. This is a big responsibility so the church asks the parents, guardians and godparents to take that responsibility seriously.

Baptism is however not just for babies and little children. Anyone of any age can be baptised. Please do not be embarrassed to inquire about baptism for older people.

If you live in another parish than All Saints’ and are not on the electoral roll of the parish, you can still be baptised at All Saints’, but first of all All Saints’ must ask for the goodwill of the clergy in the other parish before we proceed with the baptism.

At All Saints’ we operate an “open” baptism policy, i.e. baptism is usually available to those who apply. But as baptism calls for a serious commitment from all concerned,  we ask that those who come seeking baptism realise that it is more than just a rite of passage. It is about a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ and his Church.

The usual times for our baptisms are either during our Sunday Parish Eucharist (9.30am) or at 3.00pm on the first Sunday of the month. Baptisms can take place at other times and on other days by arrangement.

There is no fee for a baptism. It is a free gift from God!  But as it costs a great deal to maintain All Saints’ – without financial support from the Government – we invite contributions on the day of the baptism.

Our baptism leaflet is here.