Bereavement Group

Following a funeral arranged through All Saints’, a Bereavement Visitor will make contact and offer to make a visit. Some people who have been bereaved like to meet and share with a support group from time to time. The bereavement group meets monthly (the last Friday of each month at 2pm in our church hall) to offer support to those recently bereaved.

If you would like to consider this, please telephone one of our Lay Ministers, Mrs Pamela Mercer (01689 821171).

Each year, at the end of October or beginning of November, All Saints’ holds a Memorial Service. We invite all families bereaved in the previous year but all are welcome to attend this service where we remember the lives of those we see no more and pray for God’s blessing on all who mourn.

We can also advise on the availability of bereavement counselling in our area. A bereavement leaflet, detailing where counselling help may be obtained, is given to families at the time the funeral is arranged.