All Saints’ Memorial Garden

In the new churchyard, known as Newells Meadow, there is a Memorial Garden, where the burial of cremated remains (ashes) takes place, and this has been recently extended.

In this extension to the Memorial Garden, the church has recently had two memorial walls built which will accommodate some 130 stone plaques in memory of the departed. You are more than welcome to have a stone plaque built into this wall commemorating a departed loved one, and this can be achieved through the Church Office. Please note that through the Church Office is the only way that a stone plaque can be built into the wall.

We have rose beds in which a rose can be planted in memory of the deceased, and a plaque will be provided to commemorate this. Again the only course of action is through the Church Office.

The costs are involved with the plaques are currently £495, and  are designed to cover the cost of the erection of the walls, the purchase of the stone together with up to 50 letters or characters, and make a contribution towards the upkeep of the churchyard. Space can be left for a husband or wife’s name to be added on the stone when the time comes, and an additional charge is made to cover this.

The memorial roses charge is to cover the purchase of the rose, the memorial plaque, and also make a contribution to the ongoing maintenance costs, and this is £210 for a bush rose and £240 for a standard.

Your memorial does not have to be to commemorate someone who is buried or whose ashes are buried in the churchyard, the Church Office will be able to help you in this regard.