Memorial Wall Plaques

All Saints’ has recently built two Memorial Walls in the extended Memorial Garden, and we  welcome applications from families to have plaques made to commemorate a departed loved one.

These plaques can only be obtained through the Church Office.

The plaques are intended to commemorate a single name but are also available to carry a second name, and if the latter is the intention, the future addition of the second name must be stated at the outset, so that spacing to allow the second name and details can be left available by our stonemason.

At present the cost of the plaque is £450 and this price has been set to cover the original cost of building the walls, the cost of the stone plaque, which is 18” x 6” x 2” thick, lettering up to 50 characters (additional letters at £2 each), the installation and VAT. This sum also makes a contribution towards the upkeep of the churchyard over the 25 years of the placement.

The adding of a second name is currently £300, which covers the removal and re-installation and the addition of 55 characters, and makes a contribution to the above.

Please make application by telephone, letter or email to the Church Office.

We intend to have commemorative rose beds in the extended area in the near future, and details will appear here when they are available.

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