All Saints’ for All People – Current service Pattern

The church is now closed for public worship.

The 9.30 Sunday Eucharist and 10.00 am Wednesday Eucharist will be streamed on the All Saints’ Facebook page
Morning and Evening prayer will continue to be streamed.
The 8.00 am Sunday morning service will be suspended for the time being.

Holy Communion services are streamed on Sundays at 9.30 am and Wednesdays at 10.00 am.

Morning prayer is streamed at 9.00 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Evening prayer is streamed at 5.00 pm.

Please follow the link below to access all streamed services from our Facebook page.

Face Coverings – must be worn in church. Please bring one with you

Orders of service for this transitional period are available below – please print and bring them with you and take home afterwards.

Sunday service A5 booklet Sunday service A4 version.
Pew sheet for 28th February
Music and readings for 28th February
Sunday 8am service
Wednesday service A5 version Wednesday service A4 version.
Morning prayer and Evening Prayer
Morning and Evening Prayer in Lent
Sunday 9.30 service during Lent

Some copies will be available in church for those unable to print their own.

The resources for Morning Prayer can also be accessed electronically via the Church of England ‘Daily Prayer’ app which can be found here or downloaded from Google Play or the app store.

Services will be streamed live on Facebook (you do not need an account for this). The recorded services can be viewed from this link.

A link to the Church of England Coronavirus guidance for churches can be found here. There is also information on the Diocesan website.

The Parish Office is now again operating remotely. The hours are 9.30 – 12.30, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, except bank holidays. The churchyard remains open subject to anyone following the social distancing rules.

We will keep the website and Facebook updated with further information when available. All Saints also has an email database and relevant information is sent to members. If you would like to be added to the database please email We are sending out the pew sheet to all on the email database and an electronic copy of  ‘Saints Alive’ is available here.


Young Saints

During lockdown Young Saints will meet online via Zoom. Do contact if you would like to join them.

young saints collage


Will the world be changed after this pandemic is over?


Maybe this interruption to our lives is given to us for a purpose.
Maybe the pause is meant to allow our earth to begin healing itself.
Maybe it is time to allow the water to run pure again and to allow our air to be refreshed.
Maybe sheltering at home is a blessing for those caught in a routine they never expected.
Are we only on this planet to work, eat, sleep and have a few hours off to buy more stuff?
The idea seems laughable.

We can no longer pause to smell the roses.
The roses have been paved over.
We can no longer amble through the river meadows.
The flood plains have been turned into housing estates.
We can no longer take a leisurely walk because life might pass us by.
We have to go for a run.

The world is paused.
Maybe the futility of much that we do will become apparent.
No one should have to choose between food and medication.
No one who works a full-time job should live in poverty.

Maybe, during this pause, we will see that we get more from life by cooperating rather than competing.  Maybe, during this pause, we will become refreshed, less anxious, less slaves to routine.
Maybe, during this pause, we will see the value in helping one another.
Maybe, during this pause, we will learn to share together in the prosperity given to us.


__  __  __

Please keep an eye out for the welfare of your neighbours at this time – if you are willing to shop and run errands for a fellow member of the church who has self-isolated, please contact John Pentlow. Would anyone in need of help also contact John Pentlow on